This Week in the World: 2/9-2/16

This Week in the World looks at this week’s most interesting stories out of the photo world.

Sigma just launched their redesigned website and it’s pretty cool! (via Photography Blog)

Lookin' snazzy, Sigma website.
Lookin’ snazzy, Sigma website.

Swiss photographer Christian Lutz is facing a legal challenge from the International Christian Fellowship in regards to the publication of his newest book, In Jesus’ Name (via British Journal of Photography):

In Jesus’ Name, produced in 2012, is Christian Lutz’s third book in a series documenting power around the world. In 2007, the Agence Vu’ photographer published Protokoll on political power, and Tropical Gift in 2010 on economic power. In Jesus’ Name documents religious power and is the result of an investigation within the International Christian Fellowship, “one of the most important free churches in Switzerland,” says the photographer.

However, legal proceedings filed by a group of 21 people Lutz had photographed have put a stop to the book’s production. The group argues that it never granted Lutz the right to use their image, a fact the photographer denies.

The Lynx A Camera could revolutionize CGI technology as “the world’s first ‘point-and-shoot’ camera that can model and capture the geometry, texture, and motion of anything you aim it at, right before your eyes.” Check out the Kickstarter page for more info. (via NoFilmSchool)

Why am I reminded of "2001: A Space Odyssey" when I look at this?
Why am I reminded of “2001: A Space Odyssey” when I look at this?

Given how awesome their mirrorless offerings have been, it doesn’t seem weird for people to wonder whether or not they’re done with their DSLR output. However, this week Olympus denied rumors that it will be scaling back or exiting the DSLR side of its business. (via Imaging Resource)

I never think “budget” when I think “Leica,” but they look to be changing that with a new line of cinema lenses, the Summicron-C Primes. (via nofilmschool)

Photo: Film and Digital Times
Photo: Film and Digital Times

Some firmware updates: Pentax updates firmware for their Q10 mirrorless camera, and the Canon EOS M firmware update is arriving “[p]ossibly in the next two weeks,” according to Canon Rumors.

Some Canon video news: The Canon EOS C50 is rumored to be in the works, slated as an “entry-level” camera in their cinema line. And the Canon EOS-1D C is “preparing for a service upgrade that will see the EOS-1D C able to shoot 4K video at an even higher framerate” of 25 FPS, according to Imaging Resource.

Faster, better, stronger
Faster, better, stronger

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