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This is a guest blog post by Erik Naso!


When in the market for a wireless system you want to find a solid performing system with a good quality lavalier microphone. These two don’t usually come together but it does with the RodeLink Wireless Filmmaker Kit. It comes with a version of the proline Rode Lavalier! Same high quality pro sound quality in a kit for under $400. That’s a great price for a pro quality piece of kit. I’ve used the RodeLink on professional gigs and it has performed perfectly. Here are my favorite features of the RodeLink.

You don’t have to tune them in. Just turn both receiver and transmitter on and they pair up. The RodeLink uses a Series II 2.4 GHz 128-bit encrypted digital transmission signal thatis constantly scanning to make sure you always have a clear signal but you never know it’s doing all this work because the signal stays crystal clear. The sound quality is fantastic! With the High-resolution 24-bit 44.1 kHz digital transmission the audio is lossless. You can use up to 8 Rode wireless systems at the same time. That should have you covered. They can be set up in seconds with over 8000 different channel combinations. Selecting and pairing is done with a one-press operation making setup fast. Much faster than traditional UHF setups.

If you have a Rode VideoMic Pro you can use it with the Rode Wireless. Just plug it in the transmitter and you are set. I‘ve used it on a Rode boom pole this way and it works great! Wireless booming! Nice!

rode on canonThe transmitter has a cold shoe adapter so you can attach it directly to a camera. I like the nice large lock down knob and the ability to change the position of the receiver without taking it off the hot shoe. The range is very good. Up to 328 ft. The system works best line of sight. I’ve used it in dense downtown environments without any signal issues.

The transmitter has a 3-stage gain adjustment with a mute lock function. Both the beltpack transmitter and receiver can be powered by a USB power source using a standard micro-USB cable. If you have a iPhone portable battery charger you can power either unit with it in a pinch. rode reciever

rode lavalierAs I mentioned before the RodeLink Wireless Filmmaker Kit comes with a version of the high quality Rode Lavalier. It’s the same Lav mic but doesn’t have the option to swap out the connector. I also have the Rode Lavalier for when I want to go direct into the camera. It’s a good idea to also have a matching hard-wired Lav in the bag.

Once you start using the Rode Lavalier you will see how versatile it is. Not only is it a proline lav microphone but it also can be converted to just about any connector because they are upgradable with MiCon adapters by Rode. This feature is unique and I don’t know of any other Lav mic that has this swappable connector system.

I have an XLR for pro cameras and audio devices, Lectrosonic, Sony mini and Sennheiser mini connectors. The Rode

Lavalier can be used with practically any camera or device. Now that’s handy and yes it sounds great. I also purchased the super thin Micon Kevlar 10 foot cable when I want to go wired. It so thin I can stuff it in my pant pocket. Try that with a conventional mic cable. 😀 Oh and it’s super strong too with a Kevlar reinforced cable. 

The RodeLink is a great piece of audio kit and the price is so good. It opens the door to pro audio quality at a budget price. Plus you don’t need to replace the Lav mic since it comes with the very good version of the Rode Lavalier. The lav alone cost $229. Great audio. Wire free. 

Check out some tips and tricks to using this awesome wireless system in this video:

About Eric Naso:

eric dp naso

I have a broadcast television background. I started in the business over 20 years ago. Photojournalism was my start. Working in local newsrooms in several different markets from Bakersfield, CA to Washington, DC. Fast paced news gathering has had a big impact on me as a photographer. I make quick decisions on site and I’m always looking for the next shot to capture. Don’t get me wrong, I like slowing down and getting into the moment as well.

In the last 10 years I’ve moved over to the commercial production world. It’s great to use the toys that production demands. Bring out the dolly and the jib for this shot! I’ve been lucky to be honored with fifteen Emmy awards and three Telly’s for my work.  My passion is telling visual stories even if it’s just a camera test.

Check out Eric’s work on Vimeo and his website ericnaso.com!

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