This Week in the World #25

This Week in the World looks at tips & tricks, photo news, product releases, and other interesting stories we stumbled across this week.

To exit bankruptcy, Kodak is now focusing on offering commercial print services for corporate customers.

David Alan Harvey interviewed our favorite Strobist for Burn.


Ever seen those cool colorized versions of historical photos? This tutorial shows you how to do that (via PetaPixel):

We love the DJI Phantom Quadcopter and highly recommend using it with a GoPro, just not like this (via Imaging Resource):

Richard Koci Hernandez took Google Glass out for a street photography session with some beautiful results.

koci google glass

Is photography the new universal language?

A leaked instruction manual shows how Sony’s rumored “lens cameras” will actually work.


Picturecorrect shared some really great tutorial videos that show you how to create a time-lapse step-by-step.

Street photographer John Free gives us some real talk about being a photographer and a human being (via PetaPixel)

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