This Week in the World #22

This Week in the World looks at tips & tricks, photo news, product releases, and other interesting stories we stumbled across this week.

We have Lightroom 5 in stock! New features include an Advanced Healing Brush, a Radial Gradiant tool that will help you emphasize parts of your image with more control, updated organizational tools, and much, much more. Order yours today.

lightroom 5

Wedding photographers: Do you request unplugged ceremonies? CNN Living looked at how smartphones and compact cameras have turned wedding guests into photobombers extraordinaire.

unplugged weddings

NoFilmSchool shared a sweet tutorial by Juan Melara on giving your movie the summer blockbuster look with teal and orange color grading.

Digital Camera World offered 11 ways you can build your confidence as a photographer, such as “photograph strangers” and “set yourself a goal.”

DCM80.out_tech.rach 301032e8232f4c35a26bc19c32d72394

MCP Actions gives several reasons why it’s important to network with other photographers.


What does it take to be a race track photographer? (via ISO 1200 Magazine)

Picturecorrect passed on words of wisdom from Jasmine Star about preparing for engagement photo sessions.

And in case you missed it . . .

Our 200th Post!

LumoPro LP180 Now Available!

Gearing Up: Doubling Up with Tamron

Midwest Photo

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