Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day can be pretty tough in regards to gift-giving. You want to get your special someone a more thoughtful gift than just flowers and chocolate (not that there’s anything wrong with flowers and chocolate!), but it’s hard to decide what’s best. We sourced Jacob and Kelsey from our sales staff for some affordable gift ideas, and here’s what we came up with:

BlackRapid Camera Straps: BlackRapid straps are some of the most durable straps in the industry, and their comfortable, quick-draw design makes them photographer favorites throughout the industry. The “basic” models, like the R-Strap 4, are incredibly affordable. For the lady photographer in your life, consider a form-fitting RS-W1 (in black or white), or double-up the love with a DSR-1 Double Strap.

Slip into something a little more comfortable.
Slip into something a little more comfortable.

Modern Vintage Backdrops: Listen: You’re a photographer. Do what you do best: Give your sweetie the gift of having their portrait taken by an ace. Need a backdrop? Look no further than Westcott’s Modern Vintage collection. These are affordable backdrops made from a high-quality extra-heavy matte fabric that come in a variety of aesthetically pleasing, stylish patterns and colors. So sit your sweetheart down, make them happy, and snap a photo that they’ll feel really good showing people.

You look pretty on pink.
You look pretty on pink.

Kelly Moore Bags: We’ve previously discussed the value of Kelly Moore bags before and how they elegantly match form and function. These are the perfect bags for that fashionable photographer in your life. They look good, they carry a lot of gear, and they are gracefully crafted.

Why walk to a shoot when you can strut?
It’s like a purse but better, and the bottom doesn’t smell like gum. Yet.

ExpoDisc White Balance FiltersOn the one hand, it might not seem like a very romantic gift. On the other hand, ExpoDisc White Balance Filters are going to save your sweetheart a lot of time and headaches in post-production. Meaning they’ll have more quality time to spend with you! See what we did there?

You don't want your photos to look like heart-shaped candies.
You don’t want your photos to be the same color as those chalky heart-shaped candies, do you?

Lomography: Do you know why people love Instagram? Because they make even your soggy bowl of oatmeal look like an old-timey film photo of soggy oatmeal. In other words, they make your photos look romantic. Why not do Instagram one better and actually get a real film camera? Our selection of Diana Cameras is perfect for that hipster you <3. Maybe they love instant photography? Check out our selection of Impossible Film. Or go even more retro and pick up some good old-fashioned Fuji Instax Mini Color Film.

"Oh, Diana, can't you see? I love you with all my heart."
“Oh, Diana, can’t you see? I love you with all my heart.”

Strobist DVDs: What better way can two photographers spend their Valentine’s Day than snuggling up on the couch with a glass of wine, takeout Chinese food, watching the Lighting in Layers or Lighting Seminar Strobist DVDs? Now that’s romantic.

Light up your evening.
Light up your evening.
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