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TJ’s Daily Blog # 70- Print Your Work

The Daily Blog #70 Print Your Work At first, I never felt a need to print. The first camera that I owned was digital, and my photos were always on a screen. I didn’t think that I was missing out on anything. For the first several years, I never printed any of my own photos. Eventually, I started to feel disconnected from […]

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8 Questions for Westcott Top Pro Jen Rozenbaum

Midwest photo is super excited to be hosting the 8 Points of Posing for Boudoir and Beyond workshop by Jen Rozenbaum, on September 10th, 2015. This workshop is all about posing techniques and workflow tricks to make boudoir photography profitable and inspiring. Jen will show us her techniques for posing and how the order of poses helps streamline the workflow […]

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Spice Things Up with The Westcott Eyelighter

For years my family and friends have been my photography subjects. It’s typical for me to say, “STOP! The light looks really good right here, let me take a picture!”. One family member, however, hasn’t let me ever photograph her. I’ve asked and I’ve begged my older sister, Emily, to be my subject, but she’s […]

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“Hard Work Beats Talent Every Time” or How Joel Grimes Took Over the World

Joel Grimes is a nice guy. Joel Grimes is down to earth. Joel Grimes works pretty hard.  These descriptions are all tremendous understatements. He does everything to the best of his ability, and he doesn’t quit.  Midwest Photo and The Learning Studio recently had the privilege of hosting Joel on his ‘Start to Finish’ tour, where he […]

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