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This Holiday Get the Leica Rangefinder You’ve Always Wanted

You might be asking yourself, “I didn’t even know I wanted a Leica…” If you started shooting in the film era chances are, at one point, you wanted a Leica. I mean really wanted one. Digital natives may not know anything about Leica except that their digital cameras are, like, $8,000. Though the golden age of […]

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MPEX Experience, New To You, TJ Hansen's Blog

Tj’s Daily Blog #56- Shooting Film Is Good For Your Brain

TJ’s Daily Blog #56   Shooting film teaches my digital eyes to see with my brain.  There is a certain amount of hope and imagination required when shooting film. First, you have to hope that the film is actually sensitive to light. Before you even start to meter the scene, you have to imagine how you want to render the image in […]

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