Creative Freedom and the Fuji X-Series: Guest Blog with Bryan Minear

This is a guest blog written by Bryan Minear.

1/2500 @ f/8 ISO 200

To me, the X-Pro2, X-T1, and Fujinon XF lenses mean creative freedom. The X Series system, gives users a physical, almost organic connection to the camera through function dials that you just don’t feel when digging through electronic menus. With X Series, photographers are going to get all the stunning image quality and high ISO performance benefits of a high-end DSLR, but in a much smaller package. Truth be told, X Series gear is just way more fun to shoot with. 

With other camera systems, I would find myself spending too much time with my face buried in a digital menu looking for the right settings. But between the dials on the camera and all the programmable function buttons, I can access all that I need without a second glance.

1.2 sec. at f/7.1 ISO 200

My favorite time to explore is in the early morning before the sun starts to rise. I will scout my locations sometimes days in advance just waiting for the perfect light or cloud conditions to illuminate my scene. My starting point is always f/8 at ISO 200 in aperture priority mode, and I will adjust from there into full manual mode depending on whether or not I am using ND filters.

I used to be a prime lens only shooter, feeling that the quality of the glass in the Fujifilm XF primes paired with their portability was superior to everything else. And while I still own and love many primes, I have changed my stance on zoom lenses since acquiring the XF10-24mmF4 R OIS. That lens rarely leaves my camera body when I am out shooting landscapes and it is one of the sharpest lenses I have ever used at all focal lengths. The same can be said for the XF16-55mmF2.8 R LM WR which becomes my go to lens when I know I’m going to be out in the elements, thanks to its rugged build and weather sealing.

1/20 at f/8 ISO 200

The beauty of these cameras is that they really feel like an extension of my body. They get out of the way and let me focus completely on the scene in front of me. At times when I am out trying to capture as many looks as I can throughout a sunrise or sunset. I don’t want to think too much about my settings. I will control the aperture depending on what I am shooting and let the camera control the rest. I have easy access to the exposure compensation dial to fine-tune my exposure. In most cases, knowing that the light is constantly changing and could burn out at any minute really gets my adrenaline going, and serves as a reminder of why I love photography so much.

20 sec. at f/1.4 ISO 1600

Bryan Minear is a Detroit-based photographer and designer specializing in landscape and cityscape imagery throughout the Midwest. His weapons of choice? All from the Fujifilm X Series system. His gear list features the X-Pro2, X-T1, and X100T, using the X Series system to create atmospheric and emotion-inducing scenes.

1/2400 @ f/8 ISO 200
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