TJ’s Daily Photo #35- Anna Appelbaum

The Daily Photo #35- February 4th, 2016

Anna Appelbaum

1/160 @ f/8 ISO 160
1/160 @ f/8 ISO 160 @ 95mm

Meet Anna. Anna (pronounced Ah-na) is in charge of getting new and used gear up on our Ebay and Amazon online stores. She is an expert in fraud prevention and helps keep our store safe from scammers. Anna also has an affinity for the film ‘Escape From New York’. You know that she loves that movie when you meet her German Shepherd. His name is ‘Plisskin’ and looks just like Kurt Russell.

The beauty dish is a modifier that can be very easy to use, but takes a while to really get comfortable with. I was using it at a slightly farther-than-normal distance to the subject, which let me play with shadow contrast. I like to experiment using the BD in ways that are maybe not immediately obvious to those that see it as only a ‘glamor’ light. When the beauty dish is placed slightly away from the subject, it starts to act like a smaller light source (slightly harder, more contrasty) while still giving you wider, flatter highlight areas than you would get with a barebulb flash. Moving it away from the subject works well on men, too. Try it out for yourself, because there is endless ways to use the beauty dish and I have just started to scratch the surface.

1/160 @ f/8 ISO 160
1/160 @ f/8 ISO 160

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