Profoto B2 Air TTL Inspires in the “On to Light Shaping” Video Series

The Profoto B2 Location Kit.
The Profoto B2 Location Kit.

Profoto has made taking powerful, studio quality lights on location an incredible new experience in the last year. First, they released the Profoto B1 Air TTL system. If you have not seen them yet, you should definitely come in to the shop to try them out or take them home for the weekend.

We used them for a Rugby shoot a little while ago, and they made our day. Not requiring an external power source for Profoto lights in the field is amazing. Also, for those that already own Profoto modifiers, it is now possible to use them anywhere.

The B1 Location Kit contains two 500 w/s monolights that have the power to light up just about any situation. This kit makes it super easy to carry and you have all you need to get out in the field. Imagine all that light in one little backpack. This is the future of professional lighting equipment- power, speed, and mobility.

Two B2’s and a some power may be all you need.

We think the B1’s are amazing, but now we have a whole new way of looking at on and off camera flash, too. Introducing the Profoto B2 Location kit.

Not only does Profoto make sure that you have the resources to get started using their new location lighting solutions, they also want to make sure that you stay inspired. They created a whole video series, “On to Light Shaping, ” showcasing some amazing photographers using Profoto B1 and B2 kits with their world famous light shaping modifiers. Their is enough content to keep you busy for an afternoon, and their is something for everyone.

Here is the trailer for the series:

In honor of our street photography contest, “Print the Street”, I included a great video featuring street and portrait photographer Jaleel King. This video showcases the ease and portability of the Profoto B2’s and some great portraits by the Mr. King.

These lights are in stock and we have the ProfotoB1’s in the rental department ready to light up your next shoot!


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