Unleashing Your Pet Photography with Sanho iUSBport Camera

Annie photographs weddings and engagements at A Girl in Lace, but in her spare time she’s happy taking shots of her lovable four-year-old yorkiepoo (yorkie-poodle mix), Linus. Recently, she utilized the Sanho iUSBport Camera wireless tethered camera controller for a dynamic shoot with the pup.

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The cool thing about the Sanho iUSBport is that not only can you use it to take photos from you iPhone or iPad, controlling settings such as exposure and focus with your device’s touch pad, but the Sanho iUSBport also allows you to interact with your subject while you shoot, which is especially handy for baby and, in this case, pet photography. Not only does it give you amazing control, but you can also scope your histogram and your exposure settings so you can replicate successes and avoid making the same mistakes in the future. Plus, the Sanho iUSBport automatically uploads your photos to your camera roll, allowing you to share your photos almost instantly online.

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Here are some other pet photography tips that Annie wanted to share:

Give the pup treats. You know what your dog loves most. So give him his favorite treat, make him happy, and he’ll be that much more energetic for the shoot.

Photograph the pup in their environment. What’s the place where your pet feels most comfortable? Let them be themselves in their favorite spots in or around the house,  and this way you’ll capture them at their happiest.

Use a shallow depth of field. Annie shot her photos with a 50mm F1.2 lens, allowing her to get a super shallow depth of field, which allows you to focus on the texture of the hair, the expression in their eyes, and generally unclutters the background.

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