LumoPro LP180 Now Available!

The LumoPro LP180 Quad-Sync Manual Flash is now shipping and available in the store! Now only do you get the best flash for your buck, but it also comes with a soft case, a flash stand, 3.5mm mini to mini sync cord, and pre-cut Rosco gel set that fit perfectly in the LP180‘s new built-in gel slot. You can add it to a Strobist® Lighting Kit for a complete lighting setup.

We’ve already extolled the virtues of the LP180’s spec list, but what about actually using the flash? Obviously, I’ve already been enjoying it. So has Steve, our lighting specialist. I asked him what features really drew him to the flash, and this is what he said:

Power. The LP180 is a power master. Not only can you fine-tune your output by third-stop increments now, but the output is also extremely powerful, more so than even the SB-910.

Photo by Steve Hurley

Ease. The LCD screen makes navigating the menus a total cinch and make it easier to see in dark shooting situations. The ¼-20 mounting thread makes it super simple to attach to a stand, as seen in Steve’s macro work, and four sync modes, including a built-in optical slave, gives you plenty of options.

Photo by Steve Hurley
Photo by Steve Hurley

Ruggedness. You can pretty much take this flash anywhere, in any condition. Steve even dropped it in the water and it was fine. (WE DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU TRYING THIS AT HOME, HOWEVER.)

Photo by Steve Hurley
Photo by Steve Hurley

Light. Obviously, if you know LumoPro, you know they’re “inspired by light.” So it’s no surprise that Steve found the light from the LP180 to be the cleanest, softest, most powerful light he’s used in a while.

Photo by Steve Hurley
Photo by Steve Hurley

Fun factor. Some people might be intimidated by the “manual” aspect of a Quad-Sync Manual Flash. But this is a seriously fun flash to use and experiment with. Not to mention you’re in complete control when it comes to manual. Why let your lens determine your flash’s power when you don’t leave your DSLR in auto? Take control and have fun with the LP180.

Midwest Photo

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