Announcing the Five-Week Photo Challenge Bonanza!


In addition to our monthly photo contest (sponsored by Westcott (submit now!)), we’re briefly bringing back our Weekly Challenge series for a Five-Week Photo Challenge Bonanza!

Here’s the sitch:

Each week will feature a new theme. To enter the contest, “like” our Facebook page and post a photo that fits with the current week’s theme on our Facebook wall. Submissions will be accepted Mondays beginning at noon until Friday at 5 PM. Finalists will be selected by the experts on our MPEX staff, and winning entries will be judged by a professional photographer. Winners will be announced on Wednesday the following week. There will be one winner per theme; however, all images selected as finalists will be included in an album on our Facebook page!

Here are the themes by week:

Week #1: March 18-March 22: PortraitureSubmit a portrait that shows your subject’s best side. Or worst side. It’s up to you, as long as the portrait is compelling.

Week #2: March 25-March 29: Black & White: Black & White photography may have been more popular in the film days, but it’s still a viable form of photography. Send us a black & white photo that is compelling in its composition, its contrast, and its use of light. It can be made in camera or converted in Photoshop, as long as it’s a great photo.

Week #3: April 1-April 5: Alternative Size: Free yourself from those 4:3 shackles and send us a photo that’s an alternative size. Photographers who enjoy squares, panoramics, and triptychs will feel at home in this challenge.

Week #4: April 8-April 12: Nature: Spring is here. The flora and the fauna are coming out to play. Get your butt off the couch and go take some photos of nature.

Week #5: April 15-April 19: Action + Motion: Crank up that shutter speed and freeze motion. Or slow it down and show motion in a new way. We want to see photos where something exciting is in motion and how you capture that motion.

So, visit our Facebook page, “like” us (or love us), and submit those photos! It’s going to be nuts!

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