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TJ’s Daily Photo #12- Komura 135mm f/2.8 Screw-Mount

The Daily Photo #12- January 12th 2016 Komura 135 f/2.8 Screw Mount Lens All the shots in the gallery were taken at 1/200 sec, and ISO 200. Aperture settings ranged from f/4 to f/11 depending on  the shot and the flash power. I really wanted to shoot with the Nikon D750, and I wanted to stay […]

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A Look at Nikon’s 20mm, 58mm, and 105mm Lens

Nikkor lenses have always been known for their sharpness and quality throughout their history. I started my photography on a Nikon 35mm film camera in high school and stuck with the camera system and lenses over the years. With the photo walk at the North Market and a free weekend, I wanted to take out […]

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This Week in the World: 2/24 – 3/2

This Week in the World looks at this week’s most interesting stories out of the photo universe. PocketWizard announced their new PlusX radio. Posited as the “simplest PocketWizard radio ever,” the PlusX features 10 standard channels that are easily selected through an intuitive dial, a range comparable to any other PocketWizard transmitter and receiver, and compatibility with all standard channel PocketWizard transmitters and receivers. Oh, […]

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