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Hasselblad X1D | Medium Format Redux | Soft Lite Studios

Go West Young Man (And Take A Hasselblad X1D With You) Introduction: A while back, ok a long while back, I had a medium format camera, a Mamiya to be exact. I had this medium format camera because if you were a professional, you had one. Now mind you I wasn’t a professional, I just […]

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TJ’s Daily Photo #38- Stephen Takacs

The Daily Photo #38- February 7th, 2016 Stephen Takacs Meet Stephen Takacs. This guy is one of the true artist/photographer/educators in Columbus, Ohio. He is the creator of the Brownie in Motion Camera Obscura- it is a camera the size of a room. Using analog techniques, he has traveled to different parts the country capturing people with rare and […]

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