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Tj’s Daily Blog #56- Shooting Film Is Good For Your Brain

TJ’s Daily Blog #56   Shooting film teaches my digital eyes to see with my brain.  There is a certain amount of hope and imagination required when shooting film. First, you have to hope that the film is actually sensitive to light. Before you even start to meter the scene, you have to imagine how you want to render the image in […]

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TJ’s Daily Photo #38- Stephen Takacs

The Daily Photo #38- February 7th, 2016 Stephen Takacs Meet Stephen Takacs. This guy is one of the true artist/photographer/educators in Columbus, Ohio. He is the creator of the Brownie in Motion Camera Obscura- it is a camera the size of a room. Using analog techniques, he has traveled to different parts the country capturing people with rare and […]

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This is the trailer for Samsara, a new film by the team that created Baraka (1992) and Chronos (1985), and it looks amazing. A film as much about photography as it is about human civilization, it was filmed over the course of five years and in 25 countries entirely in 70mm film. Fortunately, those of us […]

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