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Tim’s Daily Photo #94- Arch of Constantine

The Daily Photo #94 by Tim Neumann of Softlite Arch of Constantine Union Station, Washington DC, in the Attic block, above the main cornice of the central block, stand six colossal statues (modeled on the Dacian prisoners of the Arch of Constantine) created by Louis St. Gaudens. These are entitled “The Progress of Railroading” and their iconography expresses the confident enthusiasm […]

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Tj’s Daily Blog #45 – Brown Hawk Down

The Daily Photo- February 14th, 2016 Brown Hawk Down Today, while Julie and I were filming a video at Lineage Brewing (Lineage Brewing won Clintonville Business of the Year, check them out!), we heard a loud thump. I mean a really loud thump. It sounded like someone threw a heavy ice ball at the wall, but it was no […]

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