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El Chaltén, Patagonia

El Chaltén (WS-2017092701-B01-I001)
El Chaltén (WS-2017092701-B01-I001)

If you are joining us, in Patagonia, this September (September 27th through October 9th), you will get to experience El Chaltén, Argentina, our base of operations for the first half of our Patagonia photography tour. El Chaltén, a small mountain village, in the Santa Cruz Province, is situated on the banks of the Rio de las Vueltas river, within the Los Glaciares National Park. Located at the base of both the Cerro Torre and Cerro Fitz Roy mountains, it serves as the ideal stepping off point for photographic explorations of the region.

El Chaltén (WS-2017092701-B01-I002)
El Chaltén (WS-2017092701-B01-I002)

Numerous trails allow access to stunning waterfalls, glacial lakes (such as Laguna Torre), and the surrounding peaks. Some of Patagonia’s most stunning natural wonders and its resulting fine art images are situated just within reach, from the village of El Chaltén. Our workshop group will spend multiple days exploring the region and practicing a variety of landscape photography techniques.

El Chaltén (WS-2017092701-B01-I003)
El Chaltén (WS-2017092701-B01-I003)

Known for it wide, sweeping vistas, the region provides idyllic approach routes into the surrounding mountains and makes the ideal playground for both sunrise and sunset photography. Our shooting sessions will include long exposure imaging for dramatic skies and water features, high dynamic range (HDR) imaging to manage the wide spectrum of colorful light that can be present, and focus stacking to take in the larger than life landscape scenes that abound in the region. When opportunities present themselves, we will engage in wildlife photography to capture some of the indigenous animals in the region.

El Chaltén (WS-2017092701-B01-I004)
El Chaltén (WS-2017092701-B01-I004)

With our workshop enrollment limits (no more than a 5 to 1, guide to participant ratio), it goes without saying that we are available to help in any way we can. Our workshop itineraries feature equal parts stunning landscape imagery, wildlife opportunities, and imaging workflow/post-processing sessions.

El Chaltén (WS-2017092701-B01-I005)
El Chaltén (WS-2017092701-B01-I005)

We certainly hope you will join us for our Southern Latitudes – Patagonia Photography Tour, you are sure to have the time of your life, capture new and compelling fine art images, while acquiring new photography knowledge and making new friends.

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