Tim’s Daily Photo #97- Standing Tall

The Daily Photo #97 by Tim Neumann of Softlite Studios.com

Standing Tall

Canon EOS 5DS R, Canon EF 11­24 f/F USM | ISO 400 ­ 1/60, 1/250, 1/1000 @ f/16 at 11mm

A little “point of view” imaging at the Jefferson Memorial.

ISO 400 ­ Three exposures: 1/60, 1/250, 1/1000 @ f/16 ­at 11mm focal length

As I am shooting this image I am keeping two things in mind. One, the upward perspective gives the statue of Thomas Jefferson a little more emotional power in the image. Two, that same upward perspective also helps me to avoid showing other visitors to the monument in the image. A good approach to a busy site, in situations where that point of view helps the composition.

Gear used:

TJ Hansen

Photographer at MPEX.com

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