Tim’s Daily Photo #85- Pod People

The Daily Photo #85 by Tim Neumann of Softlite Studios.com

Pod People

ISO 400 ­ 1/2000 @ f/2.8 at 400mm
ISO 400 ­ 1/2000 @ f/2.8 at 400mm

Okay, I have not had much sleep and I am about to get on a plane…that’s the best title I could come up with.

ISO 400 ­ 1/2000 @ f/2.8 at­ 400mm

In this image, the use of the long lens was helpful in bringing me closer to a subject that I couldn’t physically get close to. The wide open aperture allowed nice separation between the subject and its background by providing a narrow depth of field. Even with the high shutter speed the lens is still mounted on a monopod to avoid any vibration and / or parallax movement issues.

Gear used:

TJ Hansen

Photographer at MPEX.com

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