Tim’s Daily Photo #67- Overhead Environment

The Daily Photo #67 by Tim Neumann of Softlite Studios.com

Overhead Environment

ISO 1000 ­ 1/10 @ f/11 at 70mm
ISO 1000 ­ 1/10 @ f/11 at 70mm

The Hilton Hotel, downtown Columbus, OH offers two things to the Winter street photographer. One, a place to find contemporary architecture, lines and shapes. Two, a nice spot to duck in out of the cold. Another image from the inside of this very interesting building.

ISO 1000 ­ 1/10 @ f/11 at 70mm

In composing and exposing this shot, there were two concerns that I kept in mind. One, the angles of the interior shape were going to pose a complex issue in the final composition, so I used the idea of leading lines from one edge with an attempt to culminate those lines in the other edge. Two, again metering was a little over in this scene, according to the camera’s meter, so I made a ­2/3 stop exposure compensation choice prior to taking this shot.

Gear used:

TJ Hansen

Photographer at MPEX.com

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