Tim’s Daily Photo #25- Up and Out

The Daily Photo #25- January 26th, 2016

By Tim Neumann of Softlite Studios.com

Up and Out

A Shot A Day - 2016 (025A of 365)-(25-01)
Sony Alpha A7RII, Sony FE 24­70 ZA OSS | ISO 400 ­ 1/400 @ f/8.0 – 27mm

This past Saturday spent some time touring the Over There Rhine district in Cincinnati. A very interesting and eclectic neighborhood, with a storied past and a potentially bright future.

ISO 400 ­ 1/400 @ f/8.0 ­at 27mm

I am always looking at buildings with fire escapes. Something about all the intersecting lines always draws me in. Maybe it’s this internal need to try to make order out of chaos, I don’t know. From an exposure perspective this shot setup and metered pretty well. Symmetry was an important part of this composition and attention was paid to aligning all the elements in the picture within the frame.

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TJ Hansen

Photographer at MPEX.com

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