Tim’s Daily Photo #21- As Tight As A Drum

The Daily Photo #21- January 20th, 2016

By Tim Neumann of Softlite Studios.com

As Tight As A Drum

ISO 3200, 1/80 @ f/8.0 ­ - 85mm
ISO 3200, 1/80 @ f/8.0 ­ – 85mm

Apparently I am in an Orange mood this week. Did a little more “street shooting” at the North Market this past weekend and this line / shape combination hit my eye.

ISO 3200 ­ 1/80 @ f/8.0 ­ 85mm

Gear used:

Walking by this sign, attached to one of the stall walls at the North Market, it just grabbed my attention. As I was looking at it, I spent a little bit of time framing the final image up so I would have nice symmetry in the result, a division of the scene that fit the rule of thirds fairly well and a nice pop of color with some contrast. Still working with the new Zeiss 85 f/1.8 Batis, I find that I am more and more impressed with how flat field and sharp this lens is. Very little post­-production editing at all to get the image squared around the edges and a tiny bit of crop to even the distribution of the symmetry in the frame. Even in fairly flat light, the lens renders textures very well.

TJ Hansen

Photographer at MPEX.com

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