Tim’s Daily Photo #16- Flavored Red

The Daily Photo #16- January 16th, 2016.

By Tim Neumann of Softlite Studios.com

Flavored Red

ISO 3200, 1/125 @ f/4.0 at 200mm focal length.
ISO 3200, 1/125 @ f/4.0 at 200mm focal length.

A walk through the North Market, on a busy Saturday, is a visual smorgasbord. The people, the bustle, the food and the retail displays offer color, texture and shapes galore. Even something as simple as this soda display takes on a different characteristic in the way that it is being marketed. Fun place to hang out and snap away.

ISO 3200, 1/125 @ f/4.0 ­at 200mm focal length.

Gear used:

As you can see, in the picture above, the scene offered a number of specular highlights to be concerned with. Overriding the meter reading on the camera, taking out 2/3 of a stop of light, brought those highlights into a manageable portion of the exposure range. There are still some areas on the verge of clipping, but visually and in print well within acceptable limits.

the north market

Even though I could have used a wide range of focal distances here, as I could have easily moved closer to the scene itself, I elected to go with the longer focal distance to visually compress the scene. I really wanted the “Dr Browns” sign to feel as close as possible to the product it was referring to.

TJ Hansen

Photographer at MPEX.com

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