The Daily Photo #11- Girl Interrupted

The Daily Photo #11- January 11th, 2016.

By Tim Neumann of Softlite

Girl Interrupted

By Tim Neumann of Softlite
ISO 3200, 1/200 @ f/4.0 at 200mm focal length.

I am not normally what one would consider a “Street Photographer”, leaning more towards landscapes and macro images, however this past weekend I decided to push my boundaries a little bit.

ISO 3200, 1/200 @ f/4.0 at 200mm focal length.

Gear used:

For a portion of my weekend photo trek, I decided to shoot some candid “Street Photography” images. Observing that it was both overcast and a little later in the afternoon, I elected to push my ISO up to 3200, to make sure I could capture action and fleeting moments with a reasonably good shutter speed. Fortunately the Sony Alpha A7RII handles higher ISO settings pretty well. Using the 70­-200 f/4 lens, I knew two things; the optical stabilization on the lens would definitely be helpful and the scene compression at 200mm wouldn’t require much of an aperture to get some decent background detail.

With everything set, I slowly scanned the scene and found an image I wanted, I took a couple of shots and eventually decided, once I had been spotted, to move on to a new subject. I really like that moment when people first notice you are photographing them, but right before they either cover up or starting hamming it up for the lens.


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