The Daily Photo #7- The Summit

The Daily Photo- January 7th, 2016.

By Tim Neumann of Softlite

The Summit

A Shot A Day - 2016 (007A of 365)-(07-01)
The Ascent Building. ISO 800 ­ 1/500 @ f/16, 24mm focal length.

The Ascent Building in Covington, KY has been one of my favorite buildings in Ohio for a while now. It’s a little impractical and defies some of the traditional design ideas, but I love its look against the sky around it.

ISO 800 ­ 1/500 @ f/16, 24mm focal length

Gear Used:

I always love going to different cities and scoping out the different architecture each of them has to offer. Cincinnati is no different (well, technically this is Covington, KY, but close enough) and it offers tons of different perspectives, textures, and colors to capture. The Ascent Building has been on my wish list for a while now. I finally managed to work a few different angles of the building on this trip and came home with a few shots that I like.

In this image, I really wanted to work the upward sweep of the building and work in the contrasty sky that was available  to me that day. It was windy and therefore I was little concerned with possible camera vibration on this handheld frame. To combat that I chose a higher shutter speed (1/500), that combined with an aperture of f/16 (to ensure a deep depth of field), pushed me to ISO 800 for the shot. The Canon 5DS R handles that ISO just fine.


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