Gearing Up: Managing Your Workflow with Lightroom 4

Adobe Lightroom 4 is one of the best tools for workflow management for photographers. That’s why we’re offering a hands-on workshop that will teach you about importing and exporting images, tethered capture, catalogs, processing and organizing images, metadata, filters, adjustments and retouching, split toning, adding effects, camera calibration, and much more. We asked Jacob, one of our store’s biggest Lightroom proponents, to detail for us some of the features that make Lightroom a photographer’s best friend.

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Batch processing. If you’re a wedding photographer like Jacob, you don’t want to upload one photo at a time into your photo editing software system. That’s why Lightroom‘s batch processing system is so key. It will save you a lot of time in getting your photos ready for the post-processing assembly line.

Rating system. Lightroom employees an easy-to-use rating system that lets you sort your photos from best to least best (you don’t take any bad photos, right?). This way you won’t waste time later scrolling through photos you know you don’t want to send to clients.

Cataloging. In addition to the ranking system, Lightroom allows you to customize how your photos are sorted. You can sort them by date, subject, or whatever other qualities will help you best keep track of your photos in any folder or file system you decide works well for you.

Batch editing. Why edit your photos one at a time? What, are we living in the stone age? Lightroom allows you to edit multiple photos with the same settings. So say you’re out at a wedding shoot. You know the edits for the outdoor photos are going to be the same throughout since it was the same lighting situation. You can edit your first photo then right-click, copy changes, and apply those changes to multiple photos. It’s an awesome feature that will save busy photographers mucho time.

Presets. Not only can you copy settings and apply them to multiple photos, but you can also configure presets for edits that you can apply at any time to any photo. This helps you define your own aesthetic and visual “brand.” Do you like the warmer, washed-out look? Or are you a fan of more color saturation? Configure your presets and start applying them to your photos! You can even download presets that other photographers have created and made available for download.

Want to learn more about Lightroom 4, like how to use it? Sign up for our 6-hour hands-on workshop on April 20 today!

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3 thoughts on “Gearing Up: Managing Your Workflow with Lightroom 4

  1. Oh my! These are such wonderful learning opportunities. I am very interested in “Managing Your Workflow with Lightroom 4”
    and “The Better Photographer Workshop Series” but I have a High School Senior who has my life booked until the end of May. I hope I’ll have another opportunity.


    1. Lisa, we’ll most assuredly be doing the Lightroom Class again. The Better Photographer Series is a little bit harder to schedule, but Tim will be teaching several more classes for us this summer, including the Macro class on Sunday, April 28, and some more that are currently in the works. Tim’s an awesome instructor, so no matter what the topic is, you’d be learning something valuable. And best of luck to your HS senior! Such an exciting time for them–and you.


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