Pro Tips with the MPEX Staff: Week 3

This week, we spoke with Sam (Imaging), Colleen (rentals), and Tim (tripods), to find out what they were excited about and what tips they could share. Catch up with our previous two installments.

Sam recommends …

The ColorMunki Display tool by X-Rite. This bad boy calibrates your monitor for you so that what you see on your screen is what you get with your print. It has a really practical and easy-to-use interface, and right now it’s on rebate through 2012. Get it while it’s hot.

Sam’s tip is to, simply, print out your photos every once in a while. For many people, their photos never leave their computers. There’s nothing, says Sam, like holding in your hands a print that you actually created. Printing at a lab, or doing it yourself, and hanging your work on the wall makes the entire photographic experience more personal. Plus, the perceived quality is higher: you might motivate yourself to take better photos if you know they’re going to be printed.

Colleen recommends …

the Bowens Jet Stream Wind Machine, which we carry in our rental department. This gigantic fan is great for fashion shoots if you’re going for that glamorous, blown-back look, the wind whipping through the model’s hair. We’ve had photographers from the Limited Brands (HQ in Columbus) rent this fan from us, so we know the pros trust this fan to get the job done.

Colleen suggests that, when you get in the studio, or if you’re just out with your friends and an on-camera flash, to get that diffusion going. Experimenting with the variety of diffusers we carry is a simple, easy way to get more dynamic lighting in your photographs.

Tim recommends …

the MeFoto line of tripods from Benro. These little tripods that can are super portable that weighs less than 4 lbs. is about 1/5 its full size when folded up, without sacrificing a high weight rating. Perfect for photographers who travel a lot, their new design also allows them to become a monopod. Plus, they come in five different colors, so you can coordinate them with what you’re wearing.

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