Pro Tips: Recap with the MPEX Staff, Week 1

We’re starting a new feature here. Every Friday we’ll publish some tips and featured products from the awesome staff of pro photographers that work at our store.

Casey, Nikon expert

Casey recommends:

Casey acknowledged that the Nikon D600 is probably an obvious choice, coming from our resident Nikon expert, but that it’s truly a revolutionary camera cannot be overstated enough. This is a camera that has “never existed before.” The D600 is a “new tier of camera” for “people who want pro quality without having to spend the money on a pro camera.” It’s a camera that’s pro enough to have a full-frame sensor but is still humble enough to have auto settings. Casey recommends the D600 to serious hobbyists.

Casey said he’s often asked by customers why they should go full-frame instead of sticking with APSC. The full-frame, he says, has a superior resolution, better low-light capability, a higher ISO, and a much wider dynamic range, meaning your light, shadows, highlights, and colors are all better detailed.

Adam, lighting expert

Adam recommends:

“The Frio Coldshoe locks twice to secure your flash. If anyone has dropped a flash or had a close call they should look at this product. You have to figure if you have spent $200 on a radio and $500-$600 on a flash, why not spend an extra $16 and have a cold shoe that is really secure?” We think that’s a pretty good question.

Often, customers ask Adam questions about radio triggers. They can be tricky, and knowing which is the right one for you can be trickier. Adam says that college students and hobbyists can probably get away with spending less on a radio trigger, if they’re OK with having a trigger that “might not work every single time.” But for working pros, especially wedding photographers, who need their triggers to work no matter what, spending the money on, say, a PocketWizard is worth the investment.

Midwest Photo

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