Shooting in the Rain

It’s another rainy day in Columbus, Ohio, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop making photographs.

1. Digital Photography School helps you prep your gear to keep it safe before you go out there to do your thing in the elements. For example, tip #2 is “know your gear’s limits”:

Check your user’s manual to see how well your camera is sealed. Just about across the board, the more money you spend, the better the seals are on your camera. By seals I mean all those openings in the body for buttons and screens and the like. In the highest end cameras, these seals can be found everywhere and do a tremendous job of keeping out most rain, as long as the water doesn’t pool up on the equipment. But on the less expensive DSLRs meant for consumers, there are less seals to keep out water.

2. Tocofi has 7 tips to keep in mind while you’re splashing in the puddles, such as a solid reminder to change your lenses under shelter:

Changing the lens while under the rain can cause water to seep into the camera housing and cause damage. When the camera lens needs to be changed, look for shelter. This way, the camera is protected and you get a moment to dry your hair.

3. To keep your camera dry, we highly recommend the Promaster Rain Jacket.

4. Now get inspired and go out and shoot.

Midwest Photo

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