Jeremy Kester’s New Venture

Friend o’ the shop, Columbus photographer Jeremy Kester, recently started a new venture called H.H. Boogie, which takes the entire idea of wedding photography packages to a new level with handcrafted album packages for wedding photographers to present to their clients. We asked Jeremy to tell us more about this awesome project:

H.H. Boogie stands for Har (Harland), Henan (Henry) and Boogie (Claire), the nicknames of our first 3 children. We’ll have to work in baby Cecilia sometime in the future.

H.H. Boogie is a very personal project to me. I have been a professional photographer for some time now and love weddings. But I really love marriage.  It seems that over the last few years, as more and more people have entered this profession, we may have lost something. I know I have at times. It seems like we’ve (at times) lost sight of how incredibly important a wedding is and even more so the days and years to follow. So I wanted to make a line of products that through the collective efforts of master craftsmen would focus on the days within marriage and not just the thrill of the wedding. So I did.

I think when starting a business the most important thing is to start with your own passions and experience. So many people chase a need but are starting from scratch. It’s so hard. With H.H. Boogie I have been a photographer for 7 years, I’ve been a husband and father, and my father has been in the lumber industry for 20 years. So all of these things aren’t new to me and I am passionate about them. I think that’s the key.

Growing up making sales calls with my father when I was just little fella, I was able to meet many of my Amish friends (craftsmen) years and years ago.  They are amazing. I’m proud to call them all friends.

There are two products in the line currently.

With the Nostalgia Collection Kit, I wanted something that couples could relive their wedding through. It includes a hardwood case with vials to collect things from the day, such as “the perfume she wore,” “the ground we stood on,” “the flowers she held,” and things like that. It also has a designer cloth and hand cut leather wrap for pictures and Loktah paper stationary from Nepal. The paper is to write notes for future anniversaries to each other.

The Unbound Album is a large case that can be engraved. You take your fine art images and wrap them in designer cloth, then slide them into the hand cut leather satchel (latched with a WWII-era military button) and then laid into the case.  It is unbound because when you own fine art you don’t glue it, stitch it, crease it or smash it. This gives you the opportunity to grow the art, hang it on the wall or share it. Matching frames are in production for the Unbound Album.

Check out the H.H. Boogie website for more info, including videos about the creation and inspiration behind H.H. Boogie and an order guide.

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