The Photo Frosh: Tilt-Shift

Being somewhat new to the wonderful world of photography, working at Midwest Photo Exchange can be like a kid winning a toy store shopping spree. I basically get to play with whatever I want, whenever I want.

Earlier today, we got on the topic of tilt-shift photography. Being a photo frosh, I didn’t really even know what that meant (besides as an Instagram effect). Once I admitted that, one of my coworkers dashed off and returned moments later with a Canon TS-E 24mm f/3.5L mounted on a 5D Mark III from our extensive rentals department.

I can say that tilt-shift was fun to play with, but it was much harder to use than I expected. The hardest thing about tilt-shift is actually just knowing what’s in focus, especially for a near-sighted fool like myself. Focus peaking would help, as would split screen or microprism focus screens. But using the TSE was so fun I didn’t mind having to snap a bunch of photos before getting the focus right.

Midwest Photo

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