Last week, Gizmodo posted this video and article of a Canon 1DX being used as a “movie camera.” The 1DX shoots at 12fps RAW and 14fps JPEG, which is only 4fps off the mark of Super 8 cameras from back in the day.

Michael Hession, the photographer, notes:

You’re probably thinking why bother stitching stills together when the 1DX has a movie mode that shoots at 24, 30, even 60 fps. Why not just use that? Yes, the 1DX, as well as most DSLRs these days, can shoot amazing video at standard frame rates. But if you cobble together a video from stills, you are getting the a full 18 megapixels in each frame (in video resolution parlance, that’s 5K video! ), rather than the scaled down 1080p footage (about 2 megapixels).

Our resulting videos were super detailed and crisp. Actually, viewing them on a regular HDTV or monitor won’t do them justice, and until a 4K monitor hits our doorstep, we won’t even get to see them play at full size.

Obviously, Hession writes, there are limitations, such as the lack of sound and the ability to only short in maximum 10-second bursts, but the results are still awesome.

Midwest Photo

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