Instructor Spotlight: Dorn Byg

Midwest Photo Exchange works with a group of awesome Columbus-based photographers do bring you classes every week. We wanted to introduce you to our instructors in a new segment, Instructor Spotlight.

First up is Dorn Byg, who, in addition to teaching our Beginner DSLR class this Saturday, also owns Byg Day Photography!

How long have you been taking photographs? How did you get started with photography?

I started taking photographs when I was a little kid. My grandmother had a few cameras around the house that I discovered at a young age and I played with them as much as I could. After I broke one, she decided it would be best if she got me my own camera, so she got me a Kodak disc camera. It was terrible quality and made terrible images but it allowed me to play.

That was the beginning, and after that I seem to remember always having a camera with me.

You wear a wide variety of hats when it comes to the kinds of photos you take. You do portraits, wedding photography, and sporting events, among others. How do you manage the different expectations of each genre of photography you shoot in?

I don’t really feel there’s much of a difference between any of the genres that you mention. The whole objective as a photographer is to make a good image or capture a good moment. But if I were to speak directly to how I manage the expectations of my clients, I would have to say that communication is the key. Without fully understanding the end result or desired end result there would be no way to please anyone, including myself.

You have a photo business, Byg Day Photography. What do you find more difficult—the business aspects or the photography aspects?

Quite honestly I find both to be equally very complicated. Each one has its own difficulties. 

As a business owner, being a “creative person,” I find that I have a natural aversion to administrative tasks. So the day-to-day upkeep and the things that need to be done to keep the business running smoothly are very difficult for me to accomplish consistently.

As photographer, I feel that it’s difficult to combine creativity and technical ability in a way that will result in quality imagery. I believe that in this area one has to stay on their toes and ahead of the creative curve.

What’s your favorite photo you’ve taken? Can you explain what  you enjoy about this photo?

This is the hardest question by far. There are many factors as to why this is my favorite… 

What’s your favorite piece of gear?

Without a single doubt, I can say that my favorite piece of gear is my 50mm f1/4 lens. It is the lens that I have learned the most with and it is the lens that I feel I can create the best images with. I suggest everyone get a 50mm.

What have you learned by being a photo instructor?

Though there is a lot I could say the one thing that stands out to me is the people. The creativity, the desire to learn and the need to take pictures is inspiring. I get excited with every class. The new points of view and the individual approached is something that I really look forward to.

Sign up for Dorn’s Beginner DSLR class!

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