I told you not to take my Kodachrome away

Sad news last week: Kodak announced that they are selling their film and paper divisions. According to this press release, Kodak is shifting its focus on “commercial, packaging and functional printing solutions and enterprise services.” Not that any of this is a complete shock, but it’s sad nonetheless.

Yes, we know Kodachrome was last processed in the dwindling days of 2010, but in light of Kodak’s announcement, we thought we’d revisit some of the ways Kodak and Kodachrome colorfully brought history to life.

1. Newsweek: Kodachrome’s Color-Drenched Life

A great look at Kodachrome through the ages. It’s interesting to see how a photo from 1965 can look almost contemporary with a photo from 2010.

2. Lens: NY Times: A Father’s Voice, Through Kodachrome

Photographer Todd Heisler found his father’s old Kodachrome photos. These remind me a lot of photos I’ve seen in my own family’s attic-buried photo albums.

3. Daily Kos: America Before Pearl Harbor

Kodachrome came out in 1937. By 1939, Kodachrome was “producing color images of remarkable precision,” according to the article. A great look at how differently our country’s most troubled time can look when it’s not just in black and white.

4. The Atlantic: Kodachrome is Dead, Long Live Kodachrome

Published on the day Kodachrome “died,” a retrospective look at how “the particular hues generated by Kodachrome define the look of midcentury America.”

Midwest Photo

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