The Tutu Project

NPR blog The Picture Show featured an inspiring story today about The Tutu Project.

Photographer Bob Carey had begun taking self-portraits of himself in a tutu when he and his wife, Linda, moved to the East Coast:

[A]s odd as it may sound it, the self-portraits proved to be a perfect way of expressing myself. Why? Because even though the move was exciting, exhilarating, and inspiring, it was 180 degrees from what I knew.

Six months later, Linda was diagnosed with cancer, and the tutu photos became much bigger in the eyes of their creator. Bob and Linda are now using the photos to raise money for cancer awareness and research.

We loved this story of using the humor of these photos to deal with such a difficult situation. It made us think about the different reasons that people have for taking photos. The act of taking pictures means different things to different people.

Why do you take pictures?

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